Club Policies


* Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the WDRUFC clubrooms, including the bar and changerooms.
* All functions held at the WDRUFC clubrooms will be smoke free. No ashtrays will be placed anywhere within the clubrooms.
* Cigarettes, tobacco, cigars and smoking implememts will not be sold on the premises. * No-smoking signs and other no-smoking advertising will be displayed throughout the WDRUFC clubrooms at all times.
* The WDRUFC no-smoking policy appies to the Clubrooms when they are hired for private functions. There will be a no-smoking clause included in all hire contracts.
* The no-smoking policy will be actively promoted by the Club in newsletters, on the Club Internet site and on Club notice boards.
* Any WDRUFC Club member wishing to discuss any aspect or clause of this policy should contact any member of the Club Executive Committee.

The WDRUFC will:
* Discourage excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol, including the supply of free drink, the organisation of happy hours and drinking competitions. * Clearly display its liquor license and alcohol policy within the clubrooms.
* Ensure that alcohol is not served to any person who is intoxicated.
* Ensure that alcohol is not served to any person under the age of 18 years.
* Require its bar staff to request proof of age where appropriate and demand, and only accept photographic proof if there is any doubt as to a customer's age.
* Provide free jugs of water.
* Promote low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.
* Provide and promote snacks and/or meals where appropriate and possible when alcohol is being served.
* Prominently display the telephone numbers of taxi, skipper or chauffer companies in its clubrooms and encourage intoxicated patrons to use safe transport.